Marine Logistics (Diving, Yacht Refit, Rebuilds, Special Projects)

A yacht refit must deliver on the future snapshot envisaged by the Owner's and crew's expectation.

Our objective as the Refit Management is to understand the content of that snapshot, bring it into focus, communicate that understanding, and place tools and systems in place to effect that delivery. We don't expect to work all night, but understand that place, as we've all been there and learnt from it.

At the Yacht and Charter Service Company we structure a refit as a joint venture. The replacement of a redundant deck crane as a single work order, and the stripping out and delivery of a new interior package are managed in the same. Communication underpins our focus on the consideration of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Engineering
  • Service ability
  • Statutory requirements
  • Time
  • Budget
  • Audited reporting

Project participants are mobilized from Dubai. Local wet, dry, and floating docks provide access to vessels up to 60m. Sites may be open or tended as needed. Traditional trades and service providers are employed depending on project size and can be scaled up and down as dictated by time or budget drivers carry out:

  • Scheduled dry docking, underwater area inspections and maintenance
  • Hull and superstructure coatings to Yacht standard
  • Structural modification in Steel, Aluminum, GRP and Wood
  • Machinery inspection, maintenance, overhaul, and replacement (in survey where required)
  • Interior refitting, exterior fixed furnishing repairs and replacement
  • Electrical, electronic system service, medications and upgrades

Trades are managed in house. Administration of supplier pre-qualification, issue of work orders, contracts, survey flags or milestones and supervision are directed from site. Site establishment includes placement of dedicated on-site office and store where project scope dictates.

Naval Architecture, engineering design and design coordination are established and managed between Owner, suppliers, Class and Statutory bodies and dictated by the refit.

Reporting is established through a single project file, available to authorized project participants to track cost and progress, and to collate lists and inventories, methods, drawings, instructions and notes, for future auditing and reference.

Tony Berry, representative of Bergin L.C.C has been working alongside Capt. Steve and "The Yacht and Charter Service Company" staff for over 12 years in the Gulf. The joint venture between Bergin and "JLS" "The Yacht and Charter Service Company" has been an extremely successful one.