Marine Training (RYA Training, Custom, One on One)

Since my arrival in Dubai over 18 years ago, I have always been affiliated with marine training from the "get go".

Firstly at the Jebel Ali Hotel Marina where I set up the (C.Y.A) Canadian Yachting Association school and trained approximately 45 students. Seeing that the C.Y.A was very limited on its international exposure, I moved my discipline over to the R.Y.A (Royal Yachting Association) which has worldwide coverage and acceptance.

My first R.Y.A recognized training centre was at "Yacht Solutions" at Dubai International Marine Club, my second at "Isora Yachts" also at Dubai International Marine Club and my present school at Dubai Creek Marina.

To date, we have trained over 2,500 students from all over the Gulf Region. The following courses are approved and delivered through the R.Y.A Recognized Training establishment which I am the Principal.


RYA Powerboat Training

Download our RYA powerboat training here.

Or visit our JLS Yachting Training Institute website for more info.

In its bid to improve boat safety and to establish a basic licensing policy for all boat users in the Emirate of Dubai, the Dubai Maritime Authority has introduced boat license procedures. The scope of implementation for above covers but not limited to the following:
  • All marine craft less than 500 GT
  • Foreign Pleasure marine craft
  • Marine Craft operating in ports
  • Government marine craft
After 18 years supplying top quality service to the Marine (Pleasure) Industry in the U.A.E, we have also and are still working closely with partner schools to offer the S.T.C.W modules required for the local licensing.

We have schools in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both producing excellent training and international certification. Because of our good and close relationship, we can offer the students a far superior service of training at a preferred rate.
Trained, licensed and approved by the R.Y.A. our instructors are a vital link between student and school. Selected for not only their skillset and knowledge, their personality and experience are just as important to convey good boat handling practices. Visit our Meet the team page for more information.
Under the R.Y.A strict policy on Foreign Schools, we are inspected every year by an approved inspector sent down from the UK. Not only inspecting our classrooms and training tools, the inspectors look at our Training Boats, surrounding facilities and location along with my R.Y.A approved instructors. Our license is renewed annually upon successful completion of compliance and I am pleased to announce we have never being rejected for our renewal.
JLS Yacht and Training Institute has been approved as (1) one of only two approved schools in Dubai to offer courses enabling students to qualify for the Local Maritime License. We are the only R.Y.A discipline to be offered and are very proud to be approved and recognized.

Teaching from the basic R.Y.A Powerboat Level 1 up to and including R.Y.A Day and Night (Advanced Powerboat Course), the students are taught in our air conditioned and comfortable Institute Classroom at Dubai Creek Marina.

Dubai Creek Marina is the flagship marina in the UAE and the premiere repair facility in the entire Middle East. We have been working with the creek for over 17 years and have built up a good working relationship and understanding.