Marine Transport and Yacht Charter (Fleet Control Water Taxi)

The Yacht and Charter Service Company Logistics maintain a fleet of boats available for a wide variety of logistical requirements. Qualified, licensed, insured and experienced crew are available to handle all request from film shoots to trainings and surveys. Below is a brief list of tasks and requirements which we handle:

  • Towing and rescue
  • Surveys and Equipment Deployment (Tide gauges, Current)
  • Water Sampling
  • Deliveries (Equipment Packages, Personal, Documents)
  • Training (RYA, Custom, One-on-One)
  • Transfers (Oil Rigs, Superyacht and Logistics)
  • Monitoring (Surveys, Data, Security)
  • Safety Boats (Regattas, Events)
  • Race Control (Club Racing, Chase Boat)
  • Committee Boats (TV Crew, Umpiring)
  • Escorting & Piloting (Local knowledge, Marina Deployment)
  • Film Crew & Video Shoots (Shadow Boat, Crew Auxiliary)
  • Product Launches
  • Environmental clean-up & maintenance
  • Water Taxi Service

Our rates are extremely competitive and our crew are a pleasure to work with. Please call for rates, conditions and boat details.


Water-taxi Service

Our water-taxi service held in conjunction with the One and Only Hotel chain runs 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and 365 days a year.

We run a five day a week maintenance program covering a preventative maintenance and cosmetic enhancement to keep this fleet in top shape.

We have the expertise to run your water-taxi service and look forward to your inquiries.