Port Agency / Yacht Concierge (Clearance, Crew Care, Bunker, Full Service)

As the leading Port Agency company in the Middle East for Super and Giga Yachts visiting the Gulf region we handle over 85% of this traffic.

Originally a small fishing and trading village, Dubai has evolved into a globally recognized destination in the span of a few decades. The city's landscape present a harmonious co-existence of traditional wind towers and astounding skyscrapers. Long recognized as the leading regional trading hub in the Middle East, the city has transformed itself in recent years into an international business centre of global significance, with prominence in various sectors including retail, finance, real estate and export. As befits a dynamic and prosperous business centre. Dubai's ultramodern hotels offer every luxury. Yet the comforts of the 21st century co-exist with the emirate's rich Arab-Islamic culture. An intriguing land that combines old- world souks and modern shopping malls, rolling sand dunes and championship grass golf courses, remote Bedouin villages and an array of five-star hotels, Dubai defies easy definition.


Marinas of Dubai

The various marinas that dot the coastal city of Dubai vary considerably due to the market they are catering for, meaning that facilities can range from a simple floating dock with cheats to fully fledge marinas and yacht clubs that offer satellite television, phone lines and internet connections.

All marinas offer packages that include water and electricity provision within a set price. The marines in the city also offer cleaning and maintenance as part of their package. Many owners also employ specialist companies to keep their boats cleaned, polished and serviced.

"The Yacht and Charter Service Company" (JLS Yachts) have been handling Superyachts for over 17 years in the Gulf Region.

We are very proud to be a Full Member and originating member of the A.Y.S.S (Association of Yacht Support Services) and have been fully paid up affiliate for over 6 years. We were the first member in the Middle East and pride ourselves on many repeat customers and yachts to the region.

Our Port Agency and Husbandry offerings are as follows but not limited to:

  • Crew care
  • Royal Yachting Association crew training
  • Fuel bunkering
  • Provisioning
  • Custom / Immigration clearance
  • Crew mail collection
  • Visas and Extensions
  • Cruising Permits
  • Moorage and assistance
  • Chauffeur cars and buses
  • Excursions / hotels/ restaurants
  • Meet and greet / airport transfers
  • Procurement
  • Ships spares in Transit documentation
  • Courier logistics and delivery
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Local knowledge
  • Itinerary planning
  • Yacht charter / fishing

With the average stay of "Foreign Flag" yachts being 30-50 days we really get to know the Captains and Crew and treat them just like our own family members.


Welcome Basket for Visiting Yachts

All "Foreign Flag" yachts arriving at our UAE gateway receive a "Welcome Basket" to make them feel at home.

Basket are tastefully done and handed to the Captain at the clearance port. Comprising of:

  • Local Magazines
  • Map, tourist attraction venues
  • Deluxe Arabic Dates
  • Local and International marine magazines
  • Company T-shirts
  • Information on Dubai Marinas and operations
  • Business cards
  • A.Y.S.S Handbook Copy
  • Yachting Pages Copy


Breaking News

With the aggressive stance of late from the Dubai Government regarding attracting "Foreign Flag" yachts to stay longer in Dubai Waters, a new procedure has been announced.

The previous requirement was for a 21 day stay permitted, this has now been extended to 90 days (renewable). Following guidelines below, this is great news for "Foreign Flag" yachts wishing to winter in the Gulf.
All vessels must attain permission from the Maritime Authority to sail in Dubai waters. In order to attain permission, all applicants must fill the request-to-permission form and submit all the below mentioned documents.
  • Entry permit issued by the coast guards
  • Entry permit issued by the General Directorate of Residency and foreign affairs
  • Permission to dock in any marina or maintenance garage in Dubai
  • A certificate to prove shipping agent or a financial sponsor in the Emirate
  • A copy of a full insurance for the vessel for the period of visit
  • A copy of the license of the crew of the visiting vessel
  • A copy of the registration and licensing certificate of the vessel for marine navigation
All clubs, dry docks maintenance facilities should inform the Authority about any visiting vessels, in order to keep record of all information, including the entry and exit dates of the vessel and other related data. All records have to be maintained for a period of three years and should be presented on demand at any time.
  • Taking into account the issuance of the permit controls, the vessel should meet with the following specifications in order to obtain the permit.
  • The vessel should be eco-friendly
  • The vessel should be equipped with safety, navigational and telecommunication equipments which meet the standards set by the sailing state
  • Validity certificate for fore fighting equipment, safety tools and rescue to be obtained before leaving Dubai
  • Vessels must not to leave marinas, clubs or maintenance workshops until they get permission from authorized bodies
  • The marine officials are authorized to enter the vessels and perform quality and safety inspections, to ensure the safe sailing of the vessel
The Association of Yacht Support Services works to ensure that members offer the best quality of service possible to their superyacht clients. AYSS is a group of highly qualified agents in the world who between them, are able to support clients around the globe. AYSS membership is a sign of quality and the Association stands behind its members and is always available to clients in the unlikely event that they might encounter problems with an AYSS agent.

Stringent requirements mean that applicants for membership of AYSS are required to prove, amongst other things, that they are solvent, appropriately licensed and have been in business for at least two years, a well as able to produce at least three references from clients. The AYSS Code of Conduct is updated on a regular basis and reflects changes in the industry ensuring that, where possible, we are able to influence our members to ensure best practice is used in dealings with clients.

Worldwide Coverage / Qualified Agents / Cruising information / Association Support / Code of Conduct / Complaints Mechanism / Captains Feedback Mechanism J.L.S - The Yacht and Charter Service Company has been a fully paid up member of the association for over 6 years and is the original member for the Middle East and Gulf Region. We are proud of our membership and adhere to all rules and regulation required by the Association.