Procurement Services (Consignment, International, In-house)

Year on year our "Procurement Department" has grown to the current stage of having its' own manager and support staff. Two definite divisions have risen from this with:

  • Superyacht Support for Provisioning Requests and
  • Yacht Management and Maintenance, Safety, Training, Requests

For the 2nd division this is broken into 3 areas of:

  • Consignment
  • International Requests
  • Local Purchases

Enclosed are some of the "Product Lists" in-house and readily available in the local market. This is an indicative list and by no means limited.

For "Foreign Flag" yachts we can work off our lists or directly from the chefs' lists. Many specialty items are available in the region including fine wines, champagnes and liquors. With having so many 5 Star Hotels at our back door, we can also provide all the finer taste in life at short notice.