Yacht Registrations (LOCAL)

Registering boats in the Emirate of Dubai has gone through many changes and upgrades to bring it to its present state. It is still a challenging task to complete a "registration" in a decent time period but time and time again owners don't have the time or patience to undergo this task themselves. Instead they pass this tasks on our "Marine Services Department" for completion.

Having 17 years experience dealing with Coastguard and associated authorities has given us the edge in yacht registration and a trust and comfort with our customers. There are (3) three entities involved with boat registrations being:

  • UAE Coastguard
  • Dubai Maritime City Authority
  • N.T.A (National Transport Authority)

All three play different roles in the process and we have a good relationship with all the key players.

N.T.A (National Transport Authority)

"The Yacht and Charter Service Company" is one of only two approved companies allowed to register boats in the Emirate of Dubai. Our transport coordinators hold the necessary P.R.O cards (Public Relations Officer) and are allowed access to registration centres and government procedures.


D.I.M.C (Dubai Maritime Authority)

"The Yacht and Charter Service Company" also follows the same success at Maritime City with the inclusion of our "Training Institute" as being (1) one of only two approved schools to teach in Dubai .


UAE Coastguard (4th Squadron)

We work very closely with the local branch of the coastguard with not only boat Inspections but boat license compliance and accident reporting and violations. Held In conjunction with Dubai Ports Authority we are fully recognized and accepted at all Coastguard stations.


Re-Registrations, Cancellations, Title Transfers

Every year, boats have to be re-registered and inspected for safety gear compliance. The Coastguard have issued minimum safety gear requirements for pleasure craft piloting in local waters. This list is subject to change without prior notice and also dependent on yacht size and task.


DP/DT/DC Registration

D.P- stands for Dubai Pleasure and is used in all personal boats no matter the size. D.T- stands for Dubai tourism and is used on all commercial boats and company owned boats. All charter boats in Dubai require a D.T registration. D.C- stands for Dubai Commercial and is used for light commercial boats like rescue, training and government usage.