• Yacht Management

    Yacht Management

    From Superyachts down to small RIBS – JLS Yachts has a management package for you.
  • Crew Care & Transfer

    Crew Care & Transfer

    VIP Service, Crew & Guest transfer, itinerary planning & destination representation.
  • Port Agency

    Port Agency

    Specialist in berthing, bunkering, customs clearance & anything out of the ordinary.
  • Destination Representation

    Destination Representation

    From West to Middle East, experience our destination representation.
  • Yacht Provisioning

    Yacht Provisioning

    Everything from food stuff, flowers & machinery parts, we deliver anywhere.
  • Bunkering


    Best Bunker Buy® less worries, more commitment.
  • Deck Spares

    Deck Spares

    Deck supplies at the best competitive price providing by our deck specialists team.
  • Engineering Supplies

    Engineering Supplies

    From machinery down to bolts and nuts, we provide everything.
  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    We provide all safety equipment & service for recertification.
  • Uniforms


    Wide selection of styles & materials to fulfill your needs & meet the highest standards.
  • Superyacht Toys

    Superyacht Toys

    From flying over the water to diving, we have it all.
  • Interior


    From flowers to any interiors requirements, our team of experts is ready to help.
  • New Build & Refit Mgt.

    New Build & Refit Mgt.

    Our operations team handles a wide range of special tasks and requests.
  • Crew Placement

    Crew Placement

    Regardless of the location of your yacht, we have crew and staff worldwide.
  • Shipping Worldwide

    Shipping Worldwide

    Our rates are extremely competitive & our crew are a pleasure to work with.
  • Yacht Registration

    Yacht Registration

    Working closely with both local & Federal Governments, JLS Yachts is authorized under their "Ship Management License to register & de-register yachts and boats in the UAE.
  • Yacht Charter

    Yacht Charter

    Yachting professional in the Middle East. Primier concierge service for pleasure yachts.
  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

    Special operations or projects anything from water taxi, consultation, Grand Prix Port Agency and many more.
  • Marine Training

    Marine Training

    Fully licensed & Approved marine training in th UAE. Go with RYA certification!
  • RYA Powerboat 1

    RYA Powerboat 1 Training

    Introduction to powerboating.
  • RYA Powerboat 2

    RYA Powerboat 2 Training

    National powerboat course
  • RYA Intermediate

    RYA Intermediate Training

    Day cruising course
  • RYA Advanced

    RYA Advanced Training

    Day and Night cruising course
  • RYA SRC/VHF Radio

    RYA SRC/VHF Radio Training

    Very High Frequency / Short Range Certificates course
  • STCW 95/2010

    STCW 95/2010 Courses

    Compliant Courses (Four Basic Courses)
  • Marine First Aid

    Marine First Aid Training

    Covers the basic first aid for seafarers including hypothermia.
  • PSSR

    Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

    Precaution to prevent pollution of the marine environment. Observe safe working practices.
  • Fire Fighting

    Fire Fighting Training

    Basic procedures in fire fighting tecniques.
  • Personal Survival Training

    Personal Survival Training

    Maritime emergency situation utilizing life saving equiptment available.
  • Stewardess Training

    Stewardess Training

    Stewardess Training (Entry Level).
  • Deckhand Training

    Deckhand Training

    Deckhand Training (Entry Level).
  • Diesel & Engine Outboard Course

    Diesel & Engine Outboard Course

    Diesel & Engine Outboard Course
  • Custom Training

    Custom Training

    Custom training for all marina crew.
  • One on One Training

    One on One Training

    One on One Training as per request.